Mt. Yatsugatake Area

Mt. Yatsugatake Area

Fujimi Kogen Resort

Highland resort at the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake, 1,300m above the sea level. Only 2 hours from Tokyo. All year round resort.
Yatsugatake Area

Mt. Nyukasa Area

Mt. Nyukasa Area

Fujimi Panorama Resort

Treasure-trove of flowers, Mt. Nyukasa and Nyukasa Marsh. Only 2 hours from Tokyo. Easy hiking in the breathtaking nature.
Nyukasa Area

Tourism Guide

Fujimi Town

Nestled between Mt. Amigasa, the southernmost peak in the Yatsugatake range, and Mt. Nyukasa, the northernmost peak of the Southern Alps, Fujimi offers breathtaking panoramas, pristine nature, tranquility, and clear blue skies just two or three hours from the center of Tokyo by train or car.

Breathe in the crisp mountain air, treat yourself to stunning scenery in any season, and allow Fujimi's locals to spoil you with their warm hospitality. Whether you want to work up a sweat by skiing or trekking and such like, or just want to take a leisurely stroll with a camera in hand, Fujimi is an ideal destination. And if you're looking for good food, Fujimi with its abundant sunlight and pure spring water is famous for its delicious highland vegetables. Recharge both your body and soul by savoring local cuisine and confectionery made with freshly picked local produce.

Fujimi is also renowned for its Jomon period relics and links to Japan's literary world. You can connect to this history as you explore the town's backroads, relax in a hot spring, check out the local shops or watch the world go by in a friendly café. Time passes slowly in Fujimi in a way that grows on you until, one day, you'll find it feels like a second hometown.

Yatsugatake Tourism Zone

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